Our Story!

 The name, KylaMazie, is a combination of two loved ones whom I hold dearly to my heart: my late daughter Kyla Marie and my late grandmother, Mazie.

Kyla Marie was born October 1st, at 25 weeks premature. I received the chance to hold her for a few minutes before her little life transitioned in my arms. Although she's no longer here, my love and her memory forever exists. 

Mazie instilled in me the wisdom and knowledge I needed to grow and mature. From teaching me to cook to how to raise a family, my grandmother loved me unconditionally. She passed on February 28, 1989, my birthday actually. Can you believe that? Still, her legacy forever lives on through me.

KylaMazie is a way to honor both of them. Although the backstory of this company's name may seem like a sad one, LOVE is the one factor that encompasses KylaMazie. I aim to provide you with the best service at affordable prices and AMAZING quality. I want you to LOVE my products. 

KylaMazie Beauty,LLC